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    this skin was made by the lovely emilie, and we thank her kindly because she put a ton of effort into it. our mini profile was done by laura of shine. we'd also like to thank blacks for the custom forum structure code as well as ring wang for the carousel header. add any other credits you need here! do not remove my credit, blacks or ring wang's please, though you may change the wording if you wish it.

    all recoloring and graphics have been done by ayumi. all in character graphics and plots are credited to the character's creator.


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It is with great sadness that we announce the closure of Daydream Nation. The site has never really bounced back from the mass exodus of several months ago and we've not really managed to bring any more people in who have stuck around and started posting. However those of you who did, thank you so much.

In December, after Nanowrimo is over, Ayumi and I will be working together and sharing ideas to create a new forum and if you are interested in rping with us again and want us to let you know, please message/email us. Members will be able to access the forums for any stuff they might want and so they can access the contact directory for our contact details.

Thanks x x x

Louise and Ayumi
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this skin was made by the lovely emilie
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